Drain Cleaning / Pipe Jetting Services

Are your sewer pipes backing up? Are your pipes experiencing decreased flow? Chances are they are clogged by debris, grease, scale deposits or roots. Pipe jetting is the most effective ways to get your pipes flowing again.

What is pipe jetting?

We use very specialized commercial-grade high-pressure hoses and nozzles to literally break apart clogs and clean pipes. Roots, grease, scale and other deposits can, over time, diminish the effectiveness of your drain pipes. Blasting those obstructions with our high-pressure jetting equipment is a safe, ecologically sound and effective way to clear those blockages. Blockages and deposits are no match for our jetting equipment.

How often should you jet your pipes?

Many commercial drains systems, such as in restaurants, can benefit from monthly or quarterly jetting. Regular jetting will reduce grease and other build-up, and ensures that the pipes do not become blocked during business operations

How do I know if my pipes need jetting or replacement?

P and S Plumbing has state-of-the-art visual pipe inspection equipment. We can inspect your pipes visually, from the inside, and then recommend the best course of action,