Commercial Plumbing Services for West Hawaii

P&S Plumbing is your source for commercial plumbing, installs, maintenance and repairs in West Hawaii. We have worked on plumbing systems for restaurants, office buildings, hotels, condos, retail shops, golf courses and industrial buildings.

Services include

  • Installation of sinks, toilets, and plumbing for laundry and restaurant equipment
  • Repair of interior plumbing, including sinks, toilets, and commercial plumbing
  • Repair of civil plumbing, such as water mains and sewer lines
  • Drain cleaning / High-pressure pipe jetting
  • Visual Pipe Inspection – Our state-of-the-art visual pipe  inspection cameras can help diagnose your plumbing problems quickly

What Our Customers Say

“They answered on the second ring and was able to get a plumber to my house in about an hour.  Two other places did not even answer the phone.  My leak was fixed quickly with a small wait time for things to dry and first time fix.  Great job  I recommend P &S who really will answer anytime the phone rings.  Truly a 24 hr business.” K.L.

“Awesome customer service, very honest plumber Harlen who did an excellent job for me. I’d definitely recommend P&S Plumbing.” J.P.

“I live in a high rise and repair required the water to be turned off for the whole building.  Repair was done in minutes!  I wish all service companies could be so efficient.” J.G.